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The Research and Education Bridge Certification Authority (REBCA) has been developed to facilitate trusted electronic communications within and between research organizations, K-12 education schools and campuses, and institutions of higher education, and their business partners (including federal and state governments).

REBCA was organized as an independent non-profit entity incorporated in Delaware in June 2010. The REBCA operations have been set up at a commercial CA vendor (DigiCert, Inc of Lehi, UT), to facilitate robust delivery of services and allow REBCA to operate at the highest level of trust across global communities.

REBCA is a founding member of the Four Bridges Forum (4BF) - a partnership of the nation's leading federated identity trust hubs, and a relying party within the Americas division of the Interoperable Global Trust Federation (IGTF).

The organizations and institutions involved in the Charter of REBCA PA include:

REBCA accepts applications for cross-certification and interoperation from PKI domains operated by research, K-12 and higher education institutions. Whether an applicant institution/organization qualifies under this definition is determined by the REBCA Policy Authority (PA). Applications are accepted and processed at a schedule determined by the REBCA PA. REBCA is currently in process to cross-certify with the federal government bridge (FBCA). Any organizations that previously completed TEST cross-certification with HEBCA are also eligible for cross-certification with REBCA.

For further information regarding REBCA, please contact Scott Rea at

Scott Rea
REBCA Board Member
6672 S 6000 W
Lake Shore, UT 84660

Ph#(801) 874-4114

The REBCA Admin CA certificate is here

The REBCA Admin CA CRL is here

The 4BF Agreement is here